Picinisco Square and the beautiful view of the Picinisco
in the Provincia
di Frosinone Italy


Bardi Castle in the Provincia di Frozione
These two paintings was commissioned by a client in Italy who wanted a painting of the Piazza in Picinisco.

They were painted on large canvas which helped show the fabulous Piazza and the views the town is situated in.
Medium  - Acrylic on canvas
Size 120cm by 70cm

Picinisco view web.jpg

Aberdare National Bike Races


Penderyn Whisky Distillery


Penderyn Whisky is a well known brand of Welsh Whisky throughout the world,
so I took an opportunity to paint it's iconic building as I live near by.

Customers enjoy visiting the Visitor Center in Penderyn in the heart of South Wales all year around and tour the Distillery,
making it one of the prominent tourist attractions in Wales.

The painting is hanging in the Visitor Center.

Medium  - Acrylic on canvas
Size 60cm by 80cm

Wales Mugs!


Wales Rugby Mugs!

I have a selection of Rugby and Motor racing mugs for sale.

11 oz Microwave safe.

Bardi Castle - Provincia di Parma


Bardi Castle in the Provincia di Parma.

I painted the castle from a different view that is normally captured in photos.

The castle is spectacular in all different weathers so I added  the lightening from
a picture my nephew took.

Medium  - Acrylic on canvas
Size 60cm by 80cm

Lamborghini Miura in the Snow?

Lambo Miura2.jpg

"Austin Martin Zagato in Paradise"

Aston Martin Zagato.jpg