Aberdare National Motorbike Races since 1950


Aberdare park is the location of the annual National Road Races, which is a motorcycle road race held on the 0.9-mile (1.4 km) circuit of public roads within the park.
The races are usually held over a weekend in July. 
The first race was held in September 1950 and over the years numerous famous riders have entered such as Barry Sheene to name one.

It is said to be one of the best and hardest to master despite its relatively short length.

I live very near to the park so I felt it a brilliant event to capture on canvas. 
So this year I took some pictures and put together this image.


I painted it in an abstract way as I wanted the painting to be timeless.

each print is also signed bey the artist on the back.


I painted the Original 50cm by 50cm

Original is for sale 

acrylic on canvas