I am open to all requests if you would like to commission any work whether paintings or caricatures.


It can take a lot of time so the price can vary depending on the size of canvas and setting you want.

This can involve ideas from yourself and me concerning what subject..size and style of painting you require...which we can discuss in detail and would suit your subject matter and style of painting you may want.

As an idea I charge £150 as a starter price for a 20" x 16" canvas painting which includes postage and packing.

Each painting is treated with a varnish 
and ready to hang.

All my work is done on canvas and painted in acrylics.




These can be  done Digitally which means they are drawn on a Wacom tablet:
An example can be seen on my Caricature page, (and below)
or painted on canvas

These drawings or paintings can take up to 6 hours so I charge an depending on how many people in the
drawing or painting and size and setting you require.. 

Any enquiries please contact me.

See below examples of my commissioned work.


This painting was commissioned by
Dellita Gallo Of Cafe Gallo in Edinburgh

Medium  - Acrylic on canvas
Size 60cm by 80cm


Louis Rees - Zammit - the welsh wizard who helped Wales win The Triple Crown in this year and so nearly a Grand Slam.


Painting of upper coming racing driver Pasqual Pook
60cm x 80cm


This painting was commissioned by Dominic Leese of Polzeath Holiday Cottages.
Medium  - Acrylic on canvas
60cm x 80cm