"Number 27 Legends of the past"


Aryton Senna in his Mclaren and Giles Villeneuve in his Ferrari.

Both drivers were heroes of Formula 1 and both were loved by fans very early on in their careers for their speed and courage and personalities..Both won Monaco in the number 27..both were quick in the rain..both were instantly recognisable from their helmets and cars..and sadly both died tragically very young.

I decided to capture all this in a painting so hence I have also stripped the cars of sponsers names...which I feel adds to the past feeling of the painting.

Senna won the World Championship 3 times..while Giles in his short career won only 6 grand Prix but was a world champion in the making and almost made the number 27 his own..but alas..

Painting dimensions - 80cm x 60cm

Medium  - Acrylic on canvas